About Us

To say things happen for a reason, in this instance, would be an understatement. The similarity between time and the nether that is in between us and our devices are sometimes connected. That similarity played out in full for Weldon and Jenny.

Back in 2015, Jenny Forks, the owner/founder of J.Forks Designs, came across the work of Weldon Lister, a world renowned, third-generation Master Engraver. Blown away with the detail, and natural talent, Jenny sent Weldon an Instagram message simply to say hello and make the introduction. Weldon makes it a habit to check his Instagram messages regularly but never received the notification.. until February 13th, 2021. “I heard my phone ding, opened Instagram, and there it was,” Weldon explains.  

The two kept in touch, and Jenny ordered a pair of his famous hand-drawn shoes. On April 30th, Weldon hand-delivered the shoes accompanied by his wife, Toni. Jenny. Was. Ecstatic! The shoes, in person, were unlike anything she had ever seen. They spent the next few hours laughing and talking like old friends. Weldon told Jenny about Music On The Mile, a music festival in Boerne TX, slated for mid-May. Weldon showed Jenny the artwork, and Jenny said, “Well, THAT needs to be on a tee-shirt!” And Weldon responded, “It sure does! By the way, my son made that artwork! AND he is one of the performers.” 

The team at J.Forks Designs went to work, produced/printed the shirts, and donated the sales to Music On The Mile. Two weeks later, Jenny and her husband, Cody, went to see Weldon and Billy’s performance… after Jenny met Billy, she quickly brought him onto her J.Forks team as a designer and marketing asset. the trio have become the foundation that is, American Scroll™.  

The Team Behind American Scroll™.

Weldon Lister - President/Founder

"Son, I'll show you everything I know; What you pick up is up to you."

A quote from Weldon’s father, Big Bill, when 17-year-old Weldon asked to learn the art of engraving -- Weldon not only took to heart, but applied to his life, work, and family.

American Scroll™ was founded by world renowned, third-generation Master Engraver, Weldon Lister. Weldon began engraving at the age of seventeen apprenticing under his father Big Bill Lister, who was an accomplished Engraver.

Weldon works and lives in the Texas Hill Country, spending time with his wife Toni, their kids, and their grandchildren. Apart from his engraving, Weldon is an accomplished musician. Toni and Weldon perform regularly with their church's worship team, and he also performs with his son Billy around the Texas Hill Country. Toni, who has a beautiful voice, is also a gourmet cook! She keeps him grounded in life and family and with her cooking... keeps him from being a "Starving" artist. 

Jenny Forks - CEO/Founder

"It's supposed to be hard. If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it. The hard ... is what makes it great." -- Jimmy Dugan - A League of their Own

On May 25, 1999, Jenny Forks graduated highschool 8 months pregnant after ignoring her school guidance counselors that encouraged her to transfer to an alternative school to be with other pregnant teenagers. One month later, her daughter Hallie was born. Immediately, Jenny went to work motivated to provide an incredible life for her daughter, Hallie! She enrolled at a local college, worked at the local bank during the day, and at a restaurant at night. This was a classic case of burning the candle at both ends… but her determination to provide a great life kept her going until she was too busy to see her baby. 

That is when her passion mixed with drive and determination merged! In the fall of 1999, Jenny turned her hobby of making jewelry into her life-long career. 22 years later, J.Forks Designs manufactured hand-made jewelry and graphic tees sold in over 400 stores in six countries while operating a women’s boutique on Main Street in Boerne, TX. (Fun fact: Her daughter, Hallie Forks, is the lead graphic designer behind the tees. Her husband, Cody, is the leatherworker, and her son, Tristan helps print the shirts whenever needed.) J.Forks Designs is but the medium for the powerhouse that is Jenny. Her heart and soul are poured into each piece that she crafts, and her passion for fellow artists is what lead to her meeting Weldon. 

Billy Lister - COO/Founder

"Talent Can excite and impress folks... But passion is what will move them."

Billy Lister is the son of Weldon and is a singer/songwriter based out of the Texas Hill Country. Billy followed in his Grandad's footsteps and has focused his attention on music. Big Bill was a country star in the 1950's performing on the Grand Ol' Opry, and toured with Hank Williams Sr. Along with being an engraver Big Bill was every bit an entertainer and performer. Billy has taken the mantle of music in the family and has been performing in the Hill Country the last 8 years. 

A quote from Big Bill, when Billy told him he wanted to sing. Big Bill knew what got people's attention and passed that onto Billy. "Talent can excite or impress people, but passion is what will move them" Is what he instilled in young Billy. Ever since then, that's exactly what he has done. Billy learned all that he could from his Grandad while he was around. Whittling, leatherwork, music, and how to tell stories. At the age of twelve Billy started performing alongside Big Bill and Weldon, playing bass guitar, as part of a three generational trio. The three carried on that tradition through the years, until Big Bill's passing in 2009. Since then, Weldon & Billy have continued to carry on as a duo. 

Billy is a self-taught graphic designer and editor, and connected with Jenny in the summer of 2021, and is now a part of the  J.Forks Designs family, and one of the founders of American Scroll™. 

Billy spends time with his wife Carley, and their kids in Bergheim, Texas.  

Sometimes in life people experience what they call luck, or chance, but at American Scoll™... we call it Divine Intervention.